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Lariya Resort is a heavenly abode on the earth to exchange wedding vows. Lariya Venue will transform your celebration day into a ‘gala day’, a day of rejoicing and excitement. Lariya Venue fulfills your hopes and aspirations and elevates you to unprecedented heights.

We have it all, a grand venue, opulent interiors, exquisite chandeliers, resplendent gardens, exotic beauty, inviting mosaics with spectacular surroundings. We have extremely friendly team of professionals to cater to your taste and meet your requirements and rise to the occasion.

We create a dreamland for the beautiful Bride & Groom, transport them into a fairyland where they find themselves safe, serene and comfortable. Considering the need of large gathering, we provide gracious laws with dignified rooms with hospitable team of professionals.

The grand Lariya Resort creates and provides the most convenient, smart and value for money services venue with unmatched beautiful surroundings. Lariya Resort provides lash green lawn with enriched rooms to meet the requirements of wedding ceremony. The wedding venue provides a large space for parking vehicles and no difficulty is faced by the distinguished guest. The Resort also reserves a separate space for drivers and servants accompanying the wedding gathering.

SAMAGAMA AGANTUKA Board room Pool side lawn Lush green garden
Theater style 300 Theater style 120 Theater style 30 Capacity to cater 100 guest Ideal for wedding, capacity to cater 3000 guest.
U shape style 150 U shape style 60 U shape style 15 - -